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It takes awhile for content creators to learn the ropes of any new media, so it’s not surprising that many of the VR samples I’ve viewed fall short. We’re still getting used to viewing video in 360°, and few have mastered producing it yet.

That’s why we’re seeing directional arrows to turn viewers’ gaze away form “dead zones” and toward the “action”. And why so many examples leave viewers unimpressed (or worse…nauseous).

But regardless of the medium, good content has a strong, significant message. It takes you on a journey. So when it’s finished you’ve learned something, felt something, or at least seen something new.

“The Source” by With:In hits the nail on all three heads. The videographer has a knack for putting the camera in the center of the action. There’s always something to see. Everywhere you look, it’s active, interesting, engaging.

Images are impeccable. Transitions are smooth and graceful. Sound is dimensional and natural.


And the story is compelling. Halfway around the world in a completely foreign culture, we feel the weight of a young woman’s burden, and a desperate thirst. Revulsion, despair and despondence. And then the hero comes to save the day.

It’s really not new technology that’s the savior here. It feels like magic. But the basic technique is almost as old as civilization itself. And it’s exhilarating when it produces the remote community’s most basic need.

“The Source” is a tale of humanity in global context. It’s important on a life-or-death level. It’s a visually rich and soulful narrative. So put your VR headset on. Drink it in.





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